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Saturday September 23, 2017:
A Brief History of Technocracy

Today, Marion King Hubbert is best known as the Shell Oil researcher who gained notoriety in the 1950s for predicting that the US would achieve its peak production of petroleum by 1970, and that almost all of the planet's oil supplies would be exhausted by 2020. This "peak oil" theory, still sometimes referred to as "Hubbert's Peak," was, like everything else generated by Big Oil, a conveniently crafted lie, designed to habituate the market to artificial scarcity and thus keep oil prices high. Click here to learn more...

Friday December 4, 2015:
America Not Ready For An EMP Attack

Could a high-tech doomsday weapon wipe out America? Click here to find out.

Friday December 4, 2015:

NICS system is sharing information with other agencies Click here for full story.

Wednesday November 25, 2015:

Despite cop charged with murder, activists determined to create chaos! Click here for the latest.

Saturday November 21, 2015:
How Governments Terrorize the Public

The strategy is remarkably simple. Provoke an attack, stage an attack, allow an attack to happen or simply capitalize on a spontaneous attack. Use the public's own outrage to push through draconian new legislation, all the while pretending to be the savior.

Monday January 7, 2013:
Statistics Prove: More Guns, Less Crime,
Inconvenient facts the gun control lobby cannot answer:

Despite the onslaught of media propaganda in support of the Obama administrationís anti-second amendment agenda in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting, the statistics clearly illustrate that gun control does not reduce violent crime and in fact has the opposite effect. Click here for charts.

Monday January 7, 2013:
Another Gun Story You Wonít Be Hearing About On TV News,
Gun owning mother protects kids from intruder:

Guns are only up for debate on corporate owned news shows when used by the 0.00001% of Americans that turn out to be deranged killers on cocktails of anti-depressants.
Thatís why you wonít be seeing any reports on an incident that occurred in Atlanta Friday when a mother of two fended off an intruder with a handgun, successfully protecting her kids and her home. Go here to read the full story.

Monday June 13, 2011:

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa Ė The government of a Midwest college town is now requiring the city's businesses and apartment buildings to post their keys outside, so authorities can enter the properties "in case of emergency." Read more: Government demands keys to your kingdom

June 11 2011:
sucking the lifeblood out of America, banks and hedge funds over leveraged, creating money out of thin air to buy debt, outrage in America over economic fiascos, we dont need a world of fiat currencies, a total meltdown at the Arizona Legislature, US credit rating dropped to AA. Goldman Sachs and Gaddafi. The lifeblood is being sucked out of America by

January 8th, 2011:

Today's economic problems started a long time ago, for those who ask why, it is because of the Fed, predators such as transnational conglomerates, emtpy homes, empty stores, working through the worst recession since the 1930s, currency traders feel pain, food riots around the world, Wall Street shills hard at work...
Legal challenges spring up across U.S., demand proof of eligibility of Hussein Obama for office
More than a half-dozen legal challenges have been filed in federal and state courts demanding President-elect Barack Obama's decertification from ballots or seeking to halt elector meetings, claiming he has failed to prove his U.S. citizenship status. Click here, for full Story
Texas children roped into Islamic training Class by CAIR teaches: 'There is one god, Allah'
Public school students at Friendswood Junior High in the Houston area have been roped into Islamic training by representatives from the Council on American-Islamic Relations during class time, prompting religious leaders to protest over Principal Robin Lowe's actions.
Al Gore Stands to Make Billions Through Sales of "Carbon Offsets"!
Al Gore pushes global warming to make Billions, Through sales of "carbon offsets" by his company; Generation Investment Management, a London-based company with offices in Washington, D.C., for which he serves as chairman.
Go here: Gore's 'carbon offsets' paid to firm he owns. Critics say justification for energy-rich lifestyle serves as way for former VP to profit for the complete story.
Our Government Doesn't Want to stop the Ileagal Invasion!
Our government does not want to stop the invasion from Mexico, because it does not fit in with their plan of Canada, US, Mexico, and all of S. America, becoming one big happy family! That's right, the agreement has already been signed by Canada, Bush, and Vincente Fox. The first step is a super highway, from Mexico, to Canada, bringing in cheep Chinese goods, using cheep labor from Mexico. They had a new currency planned, called the Amerio, slated for 2010, but Texans put their foot down and said "not in our state", when it came to building the Super Highway through Texas! Stay tuned for more developments.

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