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Meet the webmaster

Aaron Dunn has been studying the Founding Father's, and the foundation of this great country, for the last 23 years. And has collected a great deal of their writings in that time. The truth of the foundation of this country is presented here, Not Opinion! Hence the title of this site. Commentary, unless other wise credited, is that of the webmaster.

Aaron Dunn has an A.D. in Applied Physics, from the College of the United States Air Force. Own's two brick and mortar businesses, served in the AWANA Ministry, and children's ministry in his church for 21 years. Went on a short-term mission, to Kisumu, Kenya, East Africa in 2003, to assist a Missionary friend in trainning and discipling National Pastors, on the field.

A bibliography will be added onto this site, as time permits, so please keep checking back. Contact Aaron Dunn, if you would like some sources or have questions, by email.

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