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Worldview Philosophy by: Ernest Nichols

Our "worldview philosophy" is the mental filter through which we evaluate and interpret the world. This mental filter is how we identify what is good, what is true, and what is real. Sociologists say that our worldview is constructed totally by our culture and is therefore subconscious, or transparent, to the individual. We all have a worldview philosophy, whether we notice it or not. We would quickly go insane if we had to consciously reconstruct our worldview philosophy every time we needed to make a decision or take an action. At the same time, transparency can work against us during the process of evaluating evidence or determining truth - and that brings me to the problem.

American Christianity has developed a double-minded worldview that separates spiritual from secular reality: sort of a "Multiple Philosophy Disorder." We profess a Christian worldview for "private matters of religion," but we practice a secular worldview for everything "public." This public worldview is nothing less than a secular religion composed of three dogmatic absolutes that must be accepted by a personal act of faith. The first secular absolute is that there is no right or wrong. This is the basis for what we have called in a previous article the "New Tolerance:" a belief that all truth claims are equally true. Secularists say Christian fundamentalism is a false belief, while at the same time contending that all beliefs are equally true. I recommend that we ignore this secular absolute - just like they do.

The second secular absolute is that "no one can know anything for sure." However, this claim is something that every one is supposed to know for sure, which makes it a "self-refuting" statement. In reality, even those who most promote this "absolute unknowability" continually disregard it. They know with absolute certainty when someone has denied their personal freedoms or when "religious fanatics" like me are tempting God to trespass into public policy. I must observe that the second secular absolute refines the first secular absolute. If you can't know anything for certain, you can't know that there is no right or wrong.

The third secular absolute is that "we live in a meaningless universe." Of course, if this statement is true, then you can't successfully communicate that meaningful idea. No one really lives in a meaningless universe. The only question is, "what meaning will you choose to apply to the universe?"

Don't be deceived by the claim that a secular worldview is "values neutral." There is no such thing. The secular woridview is actively hostile to the exclusive claims of Christ. Colossians 2:8 warns us against the "vain philosophies of men." If you subscribe to a secular worldview for your public life, you have been deceived by a vain human religion. The result of this deception, according to James 1:5-8, is spiritually catastrophic. A "double-minded man" (one who possess a Multiple Philosophy Disorder) will be "unstable in all his ways" (vs. 8) and will receive nothing from God (vs. 5-7).

II Corinthians 10:5 commands us to "take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." Notice that it says "every thought," not just private religious thoughts. We must recognize that secularism is incompatible with a biblical view of reality. We live in a world of deceptive philosophies empowered by the greatest deceiver - Satan. Every soldier is trained to know the enemy's intentions, weapons, and methods. So too, every believer is called to warfare against a powerthl enemy. "Multiple Philosophy Disorder" is a genuine disorder that must be detected and defeated if we want God's blessings.

This is a spiritual warfare that rages in every part of our life every day. This warfare requires knowledge and vigilance. Knowledge comes from the scriptures and effective vigilance comes from the prayerful and wise application of the truths of scripture. We must train believers to recognize and reject everything that opposes Christ, or else we will suffer the loss of God's blessings.

Secular Religious Tolerance by: Ernest Nichols

Secularism, in pursuit of its goal to separate public policy from religious values (read that "Christian/biblical values"), has thoroughly muddied the waters regarding First Amendment rights. The muddled secularist thinking is clearly evident in light of the recurring charges of "religious harassment" at the Air Force Academy in Denver, Colorado. This topic has become significant enough to produce a "religious tolerance" seminar as part of the required academy curriculum.

So, what's the latest secular stupidity about religious intolerance at the academy? Apparently, the senior cadet emailed a personal graduation message containing Bible verses to the freshman, sophomore and junior classes. The result has been newspaper articles in the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Associated Press, and an investigation by the Defense Department's Inspector General. The claim is that the cadet's email violates the religious tolerance policy and is part of an on-going and comprehensive harassment by evangelicals on the academy student body.

Secularism is bad thinking run rampant and this issue reveals the secular conflict with the first amendment rights to free speech. The typical comment is that "this e-mail was exactly what the religious tolerance classes were meant to stop." An additional comment is that the message "would have been fine if he had just sent it to his five best friends."

Huh? It seems that the so-called "religious tolerance policy" forbids religious expression. What self-contradiction that this intolerance to religious expression is allowed to masquerade as a tolerance policy.

The capstone to this whole dismal secularist whining is that one of those who have registered the most strident complaints about the "power of evangelicals at the academy" was the former executive officer to the chaplaincy corps. She claims that she was fired for her criticisms of this intolerable situation, an allegation that is presently under congressional investigation.

This religious e-mail is said to be a "total and dismal failure…of the elementary rules of the religious tolerance program." It's plain to see that these complainers do not consider religious expression as a first amendment right. That thinking is the result of taking God out of government. Under secularism, you no longer have "inalienable rights." Those kinds of rights can come only from God, but that philosophy is anathema to secular dogma. Under secularism, your rights come only from government, specifically government without God.

The bottom line is unavoidable: you cannot be a Christian and a secularist. These concepts are irreconcilably opposed. You have to choose which government philosophy you are going to support. Our rights are God-given. Government will either support or oppose this philosophy. If they win, your freedom to express religious concepts and philosophies will not come under first amendment protection.

Don't fall for the secular slander against public expressions of biblical faith. Inviting someone to church or witnessing the gospel to a stranger is not fundamentalist harassment. Secularism is not good government. Secularism refuses to acknowledge the existence of God-given rights. It's nothing but atheism spelled differently - whether they are chaplains or not. And, secularism will not tolerate anything but secularism/atheism.

Ernest Nichols, holds a MA in Religion from Liberty Univ.; was an engineer having eight patents related to the semi-conductor industry, with Micron Technology, Boise, Id.; Is currently an apprentice with the Christian Writers Guild by
Jerry Jenkins (Co-author of the "Left Behind" series). and is the personal mentor of the webmaster, and especially in regards to End Times Prophecy.

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